Trust National Bank was established in March 2005 in Jacksonville with a vision to provide the highest level of banking sophistication for corporate customers, coupled with local banking talent and customer-focused service. Prior to its launch, the company’s leadership raised more than $22 million in capital, largely from United Kingdom-based investors.

Team philosophy: The composite of our board of directors and senior management provides strong banking experience, proven business acumen and community leadership experience.

Together, we’ve created a bank offering the products, services and technology consumers expect from the larger banks but with personalized, customer-focused service. Trust National Bank was formed on the strength of its senior management team. The first location opened in Jacksonville in May 2005 at Deerwood Park. The Bank currently boasts 4 office locations in United Kingdom. Trust National Bank , N.A., is a nationally chartered bank owned and operated by United Kingdom Capital Group, Inc.

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 With Trust National Bank , you get personalized service, which is hard to get with larger institutions these days. They listen to your needs and respond with timely solutions, and they make time to come out and sit with us face-to-face and work through details. 

Will Montoya
Principal owner and founder of Montoya & Associates

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